A new breakthrough every day — all the way to the sale!


Yes, you CAN write a screenplay that sells.

There are two secrets to
writing screenplays that sell:

First, it must be a "fast" screenplay — a script so engaging and compelling,
they can't put it down.

Second, it must be aligned
with the needs and goals of
at least one producer.
The trick is to present YOUR vision in a way THEY can use.

That's why we built a
step-by-step system
that reverse-engineers the COMPLETE process from the producer's perspective to guide your one-of-a-kind imagination all the way to your unique deal.



IN THIS VIDEO: Discover the 2 stages of turning any idea into a film, and the 7 phases of the complete screenwriting process. Most writers ignore at least 4 of the phases, making it technically impossible to sell their work.

Through simple daily ACTION exercises (a new breakthrough every day), FAST Screenplay guides you step-by-step through all 7 phases, from idea to the sale... and beyond.